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Aromatherapy – A healing system one cannot do without!

Aromatherapy - Cambridge School of Beauty

Aromatherapy is well known to many as an alternative therapy. This may seem quite an easy explanation but there is more to it than meets the eye. As much as we are complex beings, so is aromatherapy. It involves the use of fine aromatic extracts from various parts of plants, herbs and flowers best known as essential oils which have the ability to affect our own body chemistry.

Aromatherapy Massage is a popular treat both in our school and salon. Every year we train a lot of therapists who thoroughly enjoy this amazing therapy. Through the use of essential oils, they tap into their client’s wellbeing and that is where healing begins. Same happens in our salon, where our clients love to be pampered with an occasional aromatherapy massage. Who is in love head over heels with Rose Damascena which beautifies the face and opens the heart, who is after uplifting the spirit with citrusy oils such as bergamot, mandarin, and lemon and last but not least, some are after Frankincense to calm the mind and restore the soul. All our clients who come from different walks of life agree how aromatherapy seems to heal on the deep cellular level, leaving them balanced, nurtured and relaxed.

The use of aromatherapy does not need to stop at the spa, salon or therapist that we go to. It is best to ask the therapist of ways that it can be brought in our homes and we can assure you that it will change your life. Tea tree, a first aid oil can be kept in the medical cabinet and eucalyptus always helps with a cold. Lavender can be used in baths to calm the mind. An all-time favourite is putting a few drops on the pillow before going to bed. A nervous tummy can easily be helped with either ginger or peppermint. A sore muscle can always be helped with lemongrass and your mood can be uplifted with a range of citrus oils. An alternative to essential oils, your home can be turned into a bliss by making use of herbs. Rosemary is well known for its calming scent and can be easily used on a roasted chicken. It is not only a mouthwatering smell but also sets the scene for a relaxing evening meal. Basil perks up any salad recipe you go for and cinnamon can help you satisfy your sweet tooth.

We believe the famous saying ‘Good things come in small packages’ best describes essential oils. For many thousands of years, they have been used for their healing and purifying properties so embrace all that is natural and with a small change at a time you can really transform your life.

September 15, 2018