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The Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy is a proud member of CIDESCO and CIBTAC.  Our school’s aim is to deliver beauty therapy training to internationally recognised standards.

What is CIDESCO certification?

CIDESCO is the world’s major beauty therapy association. It was established in 1946 and since then it has been the leading qualification in beauty therapy.  CIDESCO is represented in over 40 countries with 110 schools worldwide.  All schools have to adhere to strict regulations and a high level of training.  Furthermore, the main focus by CIDESCO is to promote and pursue high Standards by all its schools, tutors and students.  The CIDESCO examiners prepare the exam papers in their head office in Zurich. At the end of the diploma the CIDESCO examiners come to our school for beauty assessment. 


Is CIDESCO worth it?

Many prospective students ask us this question. Our answer is very simple, yes definitely!

We regularly talk to beauty industry leaders like beauty salon owners, luxury hotels and recruitment agencies for cruise liners.  They always tell us that CIDESCO students are the best in the industry. For this reason, our students tend to leave our school with a job in hand.  For those who are adventurous in spirit, CIDESCO also opens up ample opportunities for working abroad or on cruise liners.

If you are interested in obtaining a CIDESCO certification you can see our prospectus for the CIDESCO beauty therapy diploma.   CIDESCO have also introduced a Postgraduate beauty therapy diploma.  This diploma allows practising beauty therapists the opportunity to consolidate their experience and obtain an international beauty therapy diploma. You can find out further information on this diploma here.

For further information, please visit the CIDESCO website – www.cidesco.com


CIBTAC is a UK based organisation with worldwide recognition in over 26 countries.  Its roots go back to the merger of the Association of Beauty Therapists and the Society of Applied Cosmetology in 1977.  Above all, CIBTAC is renowned for its high standard in training and strict quality control. 

Our school does offer Level 2, Level 3 and Bespoke CIBTAC diplomas.  Click here for a list of beauty courses that lead you to a CIBTAC certification.

For further information, please visit the Cibtac website – www.cibtac.com


Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists

Our school is also part of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.  The Guild is the largest beauty trade body in the UK.  It offers a very good accreditation framework for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses.  We offer a wide range of courses which are accredited by the guild.  For a full list of these courses, please visit our beauty courses page.

The Beauty Guild is also the biggest insurance provider for therapists and beauty salons in the UK.  All our students can obtain insurance by the Guild. For more information please visit the  Beauty Guild website – www.beautyguild.com


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